two left feet...

some 3D modelling work i did, castle and pier areas, at resin 

some early renders


fruit ninja...

a fruit ninja 2 year anniversary trailer that Steven Allkmen and myself worked on recently (modelling/texture), the fellows at PRA did a lovely job making our work look pretty and come alive.


assassins creed 3...

Assassin's Creed 3

they finally released a trailer, i got to work on this massive project for a while before i left qu├ębec, it should be amazing for fans of the series. 


old diner...

a good mate of mine, Damon Rayner, has some amazing stuff on his folio, one of the lighting, and shader work i presume, he did uses some modeling i did back in the day for krome, a diner, along with some of Mr.Allaki's great work, the final reader came out looking really awesome! So im sharing it. Team 3D strikes again!

I think this is in-game, which is fantastic for in-game, it's up there with a great quality render, has me fooled.


disney xd...

My final day at Resin today, and they updated their website (to mark the event im pretty sure) with some of the stuff i've been working on, mainly this one (more to come), and helped out a little on a couple of the others.