2 quick renders of the lego medieval village i've been building. ill build the main structures then later 'prop'-ulate it.. ah.. see what i did there... some of the textures screwed up when using FBX, but doesn't matter right now.


lego lego

Have been doing a lot of Flickring, so started modeling a lego environment... based on this Medieval Market

Also, "Hot Tup":
Blogger seems to compress the images really badly and degrade the quality so I've stopped uploading images through blooger, using the URL method instead. Bam.


broooom brooooom neeeeiil neeeilll errrrrrrkkk!

Added a higher resolution render, there are some strange white dots going on though, not sure whats up with that yet.

Still working on the shaders and render, have to go out for lunch.. nooo friends! The car will be used in my Victorian scene eventually. Was fun to model, Maya then rendered using vRay in max. The vRay camera is awesome, like setting up a real camera with exposure and iso even a bokeh setting, shawn wouldn't understand.

Wires, just for stefan. This is with the turbo smooth turned on so its crazy wire mayhem.

Added an ass shot for the ladies