...new website!

So sometimes i need / want to link people to both my blog and my flickr, i have a website, but nothing every really happened with it.... until now! This morning i had an idea to do a quick clean up of it, so after work i came home and started on it. Once i started i couldn't stop. When i put my proper working folio together i think ill go back over it again, jazz it up abit, espically with mouse roller over changes, but for now it will work nicely i think.

There are a couple issues with it, like... you can only really view it nicely on a big 1920x monitor. Clean up the AA as well eventually, was making crazy render times, perhaps bigger res and shrinking down will fix.

So check it out: one22andan8th.com
*EDIT: I made the pics smaller, works much better me thinks (also, ive been capped, yet blogger works fast and smooth still, kudos)

Here are some AO bakes and wires of the shots. The Folio shot was done using nCloth, very simple and default settings, so easy to use.

Now all i need to do is put a folio together... tomorrow night maybe O_o

*another EDIT: I have a headache from putering all day, and the web site looks nice long way down, so don't have to worry about people viewing it on a smaller screen