Larger order of AO Ramen please

Another AO pass! that's all I'm doing, I'm AO crazy. I need to really move on to the next part of this Ramen Bar. I do want to make some mesh changes though that's for sure. To me it looks like there are too many hard lines, i did model a lot of it with sub-div in mind, that don't show through in the render yet. Once there is grass, some water there should be enough going on the shot to keep it interesting. Ive also come to the realization that i talk to much on this blog, i only know of 1 person that has actually read some and he sits next to me at work so he kind of has to otherwise i might get upset, i don't read through his blog though, i don't read through anyone's, I'm lazy. i want pictures. (p.s. update your blog Stefan)

Higher Res

No 'Hot Tups' today


Michael Manalac said...

Looks sweet dude - love the style. You could work for Pixar, except they don't hire idiots. Ohhhhhhhhhhhh!

It does look really cool though. If I knew what Ramen was, and I specifically wanted to eat Ramen, and this place you're modelling was real, and it was literally next door to where I am, and I wasn't lazy, I would eat there.

But nup.

Anonymous said...

Hello. And Bye.