ramen update!

A ramen update. Started making a few more tweaks and adding details to my ramen bar. Added some pipes and vent, slowly adding more detail to the mesh, it seems very weighted to the right hand side at the moment, i think with proper textures on the hanging signs will bring the viewpoint back to the middle. Im still keeping the camera angle, i dare not change it!

Hot Tup!
A was having a couple issues in maya 2009: Gradient background not saving, and also reload texture hotkey stopped working. so i found a fix for both online, from forums etc. Here are the fixes, very simple stuff.

Gradient Background not saving.

1. Find My Documents\maya\2009\prefs\
2. Open userPrefs.mel
3. Search (ctrl + f) "-iv "displayDivisionLines" 1"
4. Create another line under this one
5. add the line "-iv "displayGradient" 1"

... and you are done.

Reload Texture.

Instead of having to take ages going into the texture node and hitting reload texutre, this handy mel script (that i didnt write) will allow you to hotkey it, much quicker and easier. Hot keys win again.

In your hotkey editor create a new hotkey, and add the follow script:

//global proc CRupdateTexAll(){
waitCursor -state on;
string $fileTextures[] = `ls -tex`;
int $count=0;
source AEfileTemplate.mel;
for ($node in $fileTextures)
if (`attributeQuery -node $node -ex fileTextureName`)
AEfileTextureReloadCmd ($node+".fileTextureName");
$count = ++$count;
waitCursor -state off;
print ("Reloaded "+$count+" textures"+"\n");

done! thats it... amazing stuff as always. Coming soon, i will walk through nCloth, so easy i dont really need to do it, but i will.