Victorian AO, Yerba Mate!

Generally between projects there is down time. During this time i generally like to enhance my skills, become a better person etc. Between unleashed and scene it i learned Fujitsu and Spanish. Between scene it and transformers i started working on a Victorian period building. As it normally happens these breaks don't go forever, so a project started generally doesn't get finished, or at least finished quickly. I liked working on this scene and i thought it deserved an Ambient Occlusion pass at least. I set the samples high and maxed out the AA, rendered it out at a lovely 1080p for fun. Went for a long walk, meet up with the folks and came home a few hours later. Here are the results. Which, for an AO pass im happy with.

Full 1080p Render

I found it good to do this AO pass, i can now get a better idea of how my scene is going to turn out, and start thinking about Composition and things like DOF. Also if anything stands out i dont want to, i have a better sense of the scene then just within the viewport normally. Thats abit of a 'Hot Tup'. So now i can look at the images, make any changes in the composition or placement, and continue working on it, rather then getting to deep into it to make any changes. The AO pass is nice for making your modelling look pretty as well. The viewport mesh is generally pretty ugly and boring, which can cause you (ie me) lose interest in a scene. Even at work now me and my fellow 3D artist Stefan ikallA, have been doing quick AO texture bakes onto our mesh, doll them up a bit. Plus it looks like you have done more work if you have a nice AO pass.

At the moment, the things i like about the scene are all the small details in the windows and the bridge. But im affriad the right hand side of the image is to detailed, detracting from the bridge and the rest of the image. I think this maybe due the lack of detail on the left, something i will look at again if i ever get back into it. But its all steam ahead on the Raman bar, hopfully more updates on that soon. (Notice how i have so many unfinished projects... -sigh-)


Michael Manalac said...

Look Leigh, I wouldn't say this is a bad pic, just that if it was in 2d, it would be much better. Also, I really like the cars. They remind me of hot dog cars.

Looks good man. I'd agree with you though - I was looking at the right side a lot, even though I knew the bridge was probably the focus. Also, the cars. They are awesome!

Leigh Miller said...

yeah mate.. with lighting though i will be able to darken the right hand side and bring out the bridge... if i ever get that far with this one.

ps. yerba mate.

pps. thanks.

Anonymous said...

Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!