animtion in progress

So my brother is an animator. For his lack of good looks he makes up with gusto! and to deal with my jealousy of his talents, i make up with cheap shots and derogatory remarks about his small appendage (which is tiny). Find his site HERE, and in the 'Famous Friends' section, where they are all talented artists.

Im doing some modeling for a scene he is animating, its all top secret (not really i cant remember what the animation was about) so i can only show a couple screen shots:

All done using Maya, we are going for a typical CG, cartoon style, so flat textures and shaders. No cel shading. I'm still working on more details, the tricky part with a scene like this is, and its something Pixar do very well, is being simplistic, but still detailed. Wall-E is a perfect example of this.

The characters are neither of ours, they are a rigging system found on highend3d.com, called MooM. Highend3d is a great website, full of scripts, shaders, plug-ins and tools alike. Certainly a recommend website for any 3d artist at any level.

A couple more shots of just the interior so far.

Its all done pretty easily using poly modeling. There is nothing amazing about the modeling, its not going to be high poly or sub-dived later either. I extruded face along a curve for the seat belts and wires. There is another method where you use a circle, a curve and 'loft' them, this does give you more control on the diameter of the curve. But for this, doing a simple extrude face was sufficient.

I will have more updates on this as i go along, for now its coming along, and hopefully buy making a blog it will continue to motivate me into doing more.

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