Early work gets the job...

Some of my very early work, not that early! Early enough for me to hate it and think, why am i even showing this, but then i remember no one will read this for probably a billion years after the earth has turned into a gas ball and all that remains is a 3 and half inch floppy disc with a compressed copy of this blog that i sent into space. So if you are reading this billions of years in the future, either an alien race or an advanced human of some sort... i was the Rembrandt of my time, pretty much. You wont see better work then this in all of human history (Unless you click on my 'Famous Friends' links). But alas, this did help me get my first Artist job, as a famous super villain once said; "...its all... part of the plan". I don't have a plan, but if i did, this would have been part of it.

As a side note, i like how none of my work is completed, they are all 'works in progress'. One day ill finish something, and be sure my dearest blog, you will be the first to know.

Early Folio Work
Work from Concept (Not sure who the original concept artist was, don't hate me. As part of getting a job as a computer game artist i had a week to work of any concept i wanted (outside of work), no textures required in the short amount of time.)

All done using 3D Studio Max, rendered in VRay. Textures sourced from who knows where, and tweaked in Photoshop. I now using Maya, although my work makes me use Max sometimes which i hate and will one day destr- no, think positive.

If you are still actually reading, after all this hard work blogging i'm going on holidays in 3 days, so i wont be around to post for 4 weeks, oh no.

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