hungry for raman!

Naruto. Possibly my favorite show of all time. I wont go into detail but its brilliant. Naruto eats at a ramen bar called "Ichiraku Ramen Bar" and the ramen is o so tasty there.

So tasty in fact, it made me want to start modeling a ramen bar. Im using this ramen bar as my first CG work that i plan on finishing (good or bad) i will model, texture, light and render. Its something i have not really done ever. Its a challenge no doubt. The key at the moment, is really to know when to stop. So i model something, and think it looks good enough. Then i start texturing, but i notice that there could be more detail, and i go back and keep modeling. It is hard to say, no i wont do any more modeling no matter what. I must! I know its good to go back and polish and tweak, an artist work is never done etc. But then i get stuck, and never finish, so i'm going to finish this even if i hate it, then at least i can say i finished it. Hopefully, i will learn from mistakes I've made and my next endeavor will be slightly better.

WIPS (of course):

So Ive decided on this angle, and no matter how bored or how much i hate it I'm going to stick with it. That was my first hurdle. I used just model something, with no camera angle in mind, it meant i wasted a lot of time on mesh i may never see, it also meant i got bored with doing all the detail on everything. It was important then, that at the start, when i was setting up my camera in front of a box, to get a interesting angle. I think i've achieved that here.

Hot Tup!
Want to create a static CG image, get a camera angle and stick with it!

Here are some more shots of the bar.

Some little detail that will hopefully bring the bar to life. Some sake sets, chops sticks, ramen bowls, all adding a little something.

A shot down the side ally, some gas cans, bins and a typical naruto type fence just to add some more life again. The background will be buildings fading out to give a good sense of scape, and again adding more life to the scene, a sense of scale as well, like there is more to this world then just this ramen bard. Though i don't know why you would want to go anywhere else, the ramen is delicious here.

Next post, i think i'm going to walk through setting up those hanging flags outside the ramen bar, and how damn easy it is using Mayas nCloth in 2009.

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