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Hot Tip # 1
This is a really simple one to start off, and more for people starting out. I still see a lot of people having the ‘Select faces with’ set to center. I think this is an awesome waste of time. When modeling things should be as smooth and painless as possible. If i have to slow down and select specific areas of a face every time i want to select, this wastes time and become much more tedious. It will also distract from your art work. See the two images below, one turned on and the other with it off. Its much easier to see the shapes, look and feel (when in poly mode) of the entire shot without dots everywhere.

How to:
Its easy. In Maya, in your menu bar, go to:

Window -> Settings/Preferences -> Preferences.

This window will pop up.

Simply find Selection -> Polygon Selection -> Change to Whole Face.

I still see people giving tutorials in Maya with this selected *cough* Digital Tutors *cough*. It may not seem like a big thing, but one thing I have learnt in 3D, it’s the little things that take up the most time. I will post many more little things like this that i learn on the way, that will hopflly help you to speed up your work.

Comparison Shots:

That's my first "Hut Tup!", all the way from New ZULAND!
(PS. Its 39 in Melbourne today i am sweltering, to get out of the head I've decided to go to Philippians for a holiday!)

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